When the condom happens to be rolled down within the erect penis use lube to your not in the condom.

When the condom happens to be rolled down within the erect penis use lube to your not in the condom.

How Can I Make Use Of Lube?

Condoms and lubricant must be easily available if you have intercourse; you really need ton’t need to look for them when you really need them. If you’re venturing out, keep a condoms that are few sachets of lube in your pocket.

Before rectal intercourse gently rub some lube to the opening of this anal area. Make certain there clearly was lots of lube on and simply in the anal area. After the condom happens to be rolled down within the penis that are erect lube into the not in the condom. Now you’re willing wife group sex to enjoy anal intercourse!

If the intercourse continues for a number of years, or if perhaps the sex is experiencing a little dry, stop thereby applying more lube into the outside the condom; this can additionally provide you with the opportunity to make sure the condom continues to be intact.

Bad Lube

Regular male condoms (that fit over your penis) are made of latex. Any oil shall harm (weaken) latex while making the condom more likely to break. The after substances all contain oil and cannot be properly used by having a condom: Some dudes use saliva (spit) as lube but it is not perfect since it isn’t slippery enough and dries away too rapidly. Never utilize semen (cum) or precum as lube since these can distribute HIV and STIs.

Good Lube

You ought to just make use of lubricant that won’t damage the condom. Water-based lubricants are fine to utilize with condoms. Once you have a condom from the wrapper it really is currently covered with water-based lube (no matter if this is like oil, it really is made out of water).

You should buy lube that is water-basedsuch as for example KY) at some chemists. In the event that you can’t afford to buy lube you should use natural egg white (maybe not the yolk) or ordinary low-fat yoghurt with condoms. Health4Men distributes free packets of water-based lube. Silicon lube is high priced nonetheless it may be used with latex condoms. It can not be combined with adult toys which are additionally made of silicon.


The receptive (bottom) are at most danger of HIV illness during bareback (condomless) intercourse. Condoms and water-based lubricant remain your defence that is best against HIV and STIs. Explore condom that is various to get the one that works for you personally. When you can manage to, check around and take to different brands and sizes. Learn whether textured condoms live as much as their advertising hype and fool around with coloured or condoms that are flavoured.

Unlike male condoms which cover the penis, female condoms are made to be placed in a woman’s vigina. Numerous gay guys are finding pleasure in feminine condoms by utilizing them for anal intercourse.

How do you make use of a condom that is female rectal intercourse? Look at the condom’s expiration date and remove it through the packaging. Take part in the typical foreplay and make sure that the bottom’s rectum is well lubricated.

You might eliminate the loose internal ring that is plastic the feminine condom (the ring that holds the condom set up in the vagina). It was a sock, and insert it slowly into the bottom’s anus with his penis when you’re ready for penetration the top needs to lubricate his penis before placing the condom over his penis, as if. The fixed outer synthetic ring will stay beyond your bottom’s anal area, avoiding the condom from vanishing inside. The bottom’s human anatomy heat, the lubricant in addition to stroking penis will soften and mould the condom to the rectal liner quite quickly.

Feminine condoms are well suited for extended periods of play with no top needing to make use of fresh male condom for almost any work of penetration; if he withdraws his penis, the feminine condom can stay static in spot. The anus he must be mindful to penetrate the centre of the condom and not slide his penis in alongside it if the top withdraws and re-enters. Once the sex has ended, the underside just twists the external ring that is plastic trap the semen inside and gently brings the condom away from their anal area.

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